Hahnewald Barn


The historic Hahnewald Barn is located in Avon, Colorado. Still on its original site along the north side of the Eagle River and adjacent to world-famous Beaver Creek Resort, the Barn has been in continuous use since it was built in Avon. The Barn was built about 1908 to shelter livestock on the lower level and store hay in the upper level under an expansive, ventilated gable roof. Since then, three pioneering ranch families used the Barn in their farming and ranching operations: the Hahnewalds (1908 to 1915), the Kroellings (1915 to 1948), and the Nottinghams (1948 to 1972).

Since 1972, the Barn has been part of the site of the Avon Wastewater Treatment Plant. Presently owned by the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District, the Barn is used as an on-site storage facility. Sometime in the near future, the Avon Wastewater Treatment Plant must locate tertiary filters in the current location of the Barn as a result of new wastewater treatment regulations.

Current Efforts

The Town of Avon has engaged Anderson Hallas Architects, including Mammoth Movers, a professional structure moving company, to assess the barn and its relocation from the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District property to Town of Avon property. This page was created to provide background information and upcoming meeting materials for the historic Hahnewald Barn.

January 22, 2019 Council Presentation

Avon Hahnewald Barn Final Alternatives | January 2019

Avon Hahnewald Barn Preliminary Alterntives | October 2018

Hahnewald Barn Preliminary Scheme Costs

Powerpoint Presentation at October 16, 2018 Joint Meeting

November 13 Council Presentation

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Relevant Documents

Historical Report (June 2016 version)

Pertinent pages from Town Properties Plan