If you are a single-family or duplex residence in the Eagle Valley using Waste Management, MRI or Vail Honeywagon, FREE curbside pickup is available for the most common household recyclables. Contact your waste hauler for details or to start service. 

Mountain Waste & Recycling: (970) 476-7789 
Vail Honeywagon: (970) 476-3511
Waste Management: (970) 524-180

Recyling Drop Off Center 

Vail Honeywagon operates a free recycling drop-off center in Avon. 

Location: The corner of Nottingham Ranch Road, between Walmart and U.S. Highway 6. 

Acceptable Materials: Please recycle with care and only recycle what is allowed. This is not a dump site, the types of materials collected at the Avon location include:

  • Co-mingled including all colors of glass beverage containers, aluminum, steel and tin cans, plastic containers No. 1 through No. 7 that are rinsed and empty
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes (which have an undulating layer between two flat layers) that have been flattened
  • Office paper (staples and labels are accepted) and magazines
In addition, this site will expand to collect e-waste, some hazardous household materials (batteries, light bulbs, paint, etc.), organic waste, and other hard to recycle materials. Contact Vail Honeywagon at (970) 476-3511 for more information.